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January:We named ourselves Musik after Justin Richard ( guitar ) and Luc Ouellette ( bass ) joined the band.

February:We got our first gig at école Donat-Robichaud ( that was a really cool gig for us!!! ).

July:We played every Wednesday at Parc de l'Aboiteau ( Youth Nights ,7pm-9pm ).

August:Special gig on the 1st in the afternoon ( Dupuis Corner Night ),we also played the 15th at Gagnon Beach

( Acadian's National Holiday ).

September:Interview in ( Le Moniteur Acadien ,3rd ) for our summer accomplishements

( we played at Parc de l'Aboiteau from July 8th to the end of August ).

November:Ghislain Vautour ( Fiddler ) joins the band for a short time.

December:Chirstmas Eve choir ( 24th ) at Cap-Pelé's church.

Other info:Justin Richard quits Musik ...


February:Local talent show ( Cap-Pelé's winter carnival ) ... u should have seen Jules and Luc. =)

April:Justine Daigle ( singer ) joins the band ( Justine was also at the talent show in February ).

May:Soirée des arts at L.-J.-R. ( now that was fun !!! ).

June:We're back at Parc de l'Aboiteau ,every Thursday ( Youth Nights ,8pm-10:30pm ),and also

Honoring "Père Yvon Leblanc" for 10 years of service in Cap-Pelé ( at "Père-Camille-Léger" arena ).

July:Corner ou "boucanière" at Cap-Pelé ( Sunday night ).

September:Salon du livre de la jeunesse ( 3rd-5th ,"Père-Camille-Léger" arena ),also our last time at Parc de l'Aboiteau.

October:Centre de Saint-André ( Fund raising for Yvon Leblanc ).

December:Christmas Daddies!!! ( 5th,that was our first time on TV!!! ),back at church ( Christmas Eve ).

Other info:Ghislain Vautour leaves Musik ,but he's still welcome anytime ...


February:Chevaliers de Colomb ( Cap-Pelé's winter carnival "Boule de neige",11th )

March:Musik Website ( 9th ). "La semaine de la fierté française" at L.-J.-R. ( 20th ).

April:We started recording on 2 songs to put on the radio at Roland Cormier's house ( 24th ),contest at L.-J.-R. ( 26th ).

June:We played at école de M.F.B. ( 23th ).

July:"Parc Pascal Poirier" ( 4th ).Parc de l'Aboiteau for our 3rd time ( 6th )."Fête des Leblanc" ( at Rainbow club,16th ).We also played at Bouctouche ( 19th ).Dieppe's "Mercredi Show" Musik and Daniel Goguen ,that was our second time on TV!!! ( 26th ).

August:Haute-Aboujagane ( 6th ).We received an Award from Cap-Pelé for the best group of the category of arts and culture!!! ( 7th )."Au Corner" ( 13th ).Acadian's National Holiday.Also our last time at Parc de l'Aboiteau ( 31th ).

December:Second appearance at Christmas Daddies!!!

Other info:We also played at other places but I didn't really remember ...


February:Winter Carnival at "Parc Pascal Poirier" ( 2nd ) man that was cold!!!Winter Carnival at Cap-Pelé's arena ( 4th ).


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